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CLASSIC ** 260 lbs. 29.1" 12.6" 5.4" 1" x 1" or
30mm X 30mm
CLASSIC 167 lbs. 24.8 10.6 4.1" 1" x 1" 1" x 1"
CLASSIC 118 lbs. 22.4 9.6 4.1" 1" x 1" 1" x 1"
WORKHORSE 556 lbs. 32.7" 16.5" 5.5" 1.18" N/A
WORKHORSE 446 lbs. 30.7" 15.3" 5.5" 1.18" N/A
WORKHORSE 336 lbs. 28.7" 13.8" 4.7" 1.18" N/A
WORKHORSE 224 lbs. 24.7" 12.0" 4.1" 1" N/A
WORKHORSE 180 lbs. 23.6" 11.2" 3.5" 1" N/A
ULTIMATE ANVIL 473 lbs. 40" 14.6" 5.1" 1.25" .866
HABERMANN 462 lbs. 43" 16.6 inches 5.12" 1.4" X 1.4" 1" smaller hole approx 1/2"
BULGARIAN 205 lbs. 20.6" 11.2" 5.6" 1.08" .8"
BULGARIAN 115 lbs. 20.6" 8.8" 4.4" .8" .8"
BULGARIAN 70 lbs. 17.6" 13.8" 3.6" .8" .8"


** Notes Regarding the Classic
Dimensions of hardy holes in some of the 260 # anvils may vary by up to 1/8". These are cast steel anvils and there is some degree of variation in the 260 lb Classic anvil's hardy size. If you forge your hardy tools from old truck or car axles this should not have any impact on your tooling. If buy off the shelf steel and weld you hardy tools, this will impact you.

To put this in perspective, most new anvils require some degree of dressing by the first owner. Those of us who have only experienced used anvils, assume that a good, clean used anvil arrived in it's present condition when first deliverd to the first owner. This is a misconception. Most new anvils require some degree of dressing and clean up by the first owner of the anvil. This is similar to dressing a new hammer. Usually a new hammer has to have the edges radiused and the pein needs to be ground to blunt the sharp edges on it. Anvils similarly need some dressing as well.

You will have some clean up work to do in order to make the hardy hole one uniform size in some of the 260# anvils in my latest batch, to meet off the shelf tooling requirements.

One of the reasons the anvils I sell are such a high quality value is that I leave it to the customer to dress the anvil (radius the edges, chamfer the hardy hole if desired and do a small amount of cleanup that is associated with a casting of any kind). The vast majority of the anvils require very little work. There are a small percentage of my latest shipment of 260# Classic anvils that will require some casting clean up. If you have any questions on this please contact me and I can go over the details and the specifics on the anvil you are buying.

Please contact me, and I can give you an exact description of the anvil's dimensions.

Toll Free Order Line: 888 737-5714