Swage Block A
These are the best selling swage blocks in the US. They're made for Centaur Forge of high quality cast iron. Like most castings there may be some very minor clean up with a grinder. The ones I use arrived in ready to use condition. They weigh 125 lbs each and the dimensions are 12" X 12" X 4". They have two sides and each side is different. They have different profiles along the edges and canbe used for tool making of all kinds (shovels, spoons, chisels, spear points, half round forms etc. The only limitation on the use of these tools is in your imagination.

These swages are great for a million reasons. You can make wood working and or stone working tools. Tne number and type of chisels and gouges are endless. You can make a nail header with Block B.

No shop should be without a pair of these Blacksmith Tools.

My supplier just raised my prices on the swage blocks as of 8/6/02 - sorry, but I have to pass the increase along. These are still an excellent value and one time purchase.

Blocks are designated as Block "A" and Block "B". Price on the blocks are $445.00 each or $435.00 if you buy the pair. Shipping is via UPS, call or email for a quote.

Swage Block B
In this block you can see the round depression for making nail headers. The nail size can be varied by the size of the hole you punch. Ladles, spoons,dippers etc can also be made with this block. The left side has a wave form in it. You can make wavy forms for fences, gates or swords like the ones they make in Java/Malaysia and Indonesia out of meteorites called Keris. Again, the possibilities are endless. Order a set and find out what you can make.

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