New 24 Ton Hydraulic Press 
This is a very professionally made forging machine that you will be proud to add to your shop. The quick moving cylinder has an 8 inch stroke. Make your dies out of plain mild steel. Great for making damascus steel, mokume or just forging with tremendous power at the touch of the treadle. The small footprint allows it to fit into small shops. 

The hydraulic fluid is in the vertical posts that serve as the main upright supports for the press, no exterior resevoir to take up more valuable shop space. However, we can make a version with an external pump and cylinder, if desired. The cylinder is a 5" x 8" and will produce approximately 24 tons. It has a 5 HP motor with 16 gpm pump. It comes with one set of flat dies. Squaring dies are available. Other dies can also be fabricated, call or email for a quote. 

The hydraulic press is a whole different animal than a fly press. They each have their own place in a well outfitted shop, since each excel in the jobs they are intended to perform. The photo below shows the press partially opened. The full extension is 8". 


Dies are easily made of mild steel. The flat area where the bottom die sits is 4" wide and there is a die locking device that hangs below the top die and in front of the bottom die. This keeps the dies locked in tight. In the photo below you can see a set of squaring dies. These are great when you need to square up a billet. You can also see the grease zirks that allow you to easily add grease with a standard grease gun. The ram is only partially opened in this photo.


Adjustable Treadle 
The press is operated by a treadle that you can see in the photo below. The hydraulic fluid is in the vertical uprights, so the foot print is small for such a powerful machine. We optionally offer a press with an external pump and reservoir that can be located in an other room, if you have such a requirement. The treadle has three stops on it, so depending on the amount of space you need for a given workpiece the cylinder doesn't have to open all the way with each cycle of the machine. This saves you time and allows you get more done in a heat, because you aren't waisting time waiting for the press to cycle from wide open to your hot work piece.


Motor Shroud 
You can see how the press has protective sheet metal covering the important parts of the press from hot steel, flux and scale. The 5 hp motor runs off of a 220 30 amp circuit. The motor itself draws 22 amps. I just made up an extension cord for my MIG welder and it plugs into the MIG outlet. 

Email or call our toll free order line: 888-737-5714 for a quote on shipping this professional machine to your shop today. This press is $4,250.00 and is a proven performer whose design has evolved to it's present state of total simplicity and control.