Gas Forges From NC Tool Company

We carry the entire line of NC Tool Forges, call or email if you need a model that you don't see on this page.

  • Exclusive, high efficiency burners and push button ignition

  • Uniform heat, self regulating to 2350 Fahrenheit

  • Quick recovery, heat and reheats metal very quickly

  • Flexible, rear bar stock doors allow heating sections of bar stock (optional in some models)

  • No blower required - Venturi System

  • Fuel of choice, comes fitted for propane, but can be configured for natural gas

  • Transportable, light weight and quick cooling

  • Hose, gauge and regulator included

  • Quality assured

Models Available

NC Whisper Low Boy
Three burner forge with insulated door and 2 bar stock ports. Rapid heat recovery for quick turn around time. Ideal for competition shoe making. Knife makers - this is the one for Damascus blade forging. Firebox dimensions are 3" x 12" x 9". Bar stock ports (pictured above) are 3" x 2".

Item #: 0114
Weight: 60 lbs.
Price: $690.00

Knifemaker Forge
Heat Chamber 4"h x 4-1/2"w x 13-1/2"d. Exhaust port on one door is 3" x 2". Overall height is 19", length is 18". Especially made for the knifemaker who forges blades or Damascus. Equipped with insulated doors on both ends for easy entry and removal of Damascus billets. Regulator and Hose included Operates off a standard 20lb propane tank - the same type used for barbecue grills Reaches 2350 degrees.

Item #: 0111
Weight: 46 lbs.
Price: $646.00

Knifemaker 21 Forge

Heat Chamber 4” x 4-1/2” x 21”. 3 Burner. Solid door. 2” x 3” port on end.Low fuel consumption… reaches welding temperature set on 5 psi. Safe valve train design delivering fuel to heat chamber. High temperature cast iron burners. Two inch insulation for long liner life. High temperature cast iron open end port for accessing knife blade parts and heavy use.

Item #: 0108
Weight: 61 lbs.
Price: $754.00

Whisper Daddy Model #2
Three burner blacksmith's forge. Interior Fire Box Dimensions are 6" x 12" x 9". The 3" x 2" bar-stock door is standard.

Item #: 0115
Weight: 69 lbs.
Price: $740.00

Whisper Deluxe
Two burner horseshoer's forge. Heat Chamber is 3" X 12" X 6" firebox.

Item #: 0100
Weight: 42 lbs.
Price is: $488.00

Whisper Deluxe with backdoor
Item # 0105
Price: $500.00