• Extra heavy cast frame, with ribbed construction
  • Cast tapered central ram and machined guideways. Easily adjustable against wear and tear.
  • Bed provided with heavy duty adjustable steel die holding clamps - preserves your dies. Allows easy indexing of you die and tool.
  • Base hole adjustable with bushings to suit different jobs. Large hole is available by easily removing smaller ring in the base.
  • Top end of screw with hexagonal tapered reception for the wheel to ensure no-slip. Allows quick & easy repositioning of fly wheel and handle (3 tapped holes are ready for you to screw the handle into for maximum convenience and positioning while you use this tool).
  • Mild steel screw with heavy duty square angular thread.
  • Threaded die hole.
  • Adjustable clutch that allows the fly wheel to stay put when you back it up. You don't have to worry about the handle spinning down on you while you change tooling. This is is done with the interplay of the two nuts on top of the ram. It is up to you to make this adjustment, but it can be done in a couple of minutes.


 Used fly presses are hard to find with high quality screws that aren't worn out. Many of the used machines don't have a steep enough pitch to the screw. This means that you must to have multiple revolutions of the fly wheel. These presses are designed from the ground up for forging. Note, the screw only requires a bump on the handle that hangs down from the fly wheel. For bigger jobs try a full revolution. You might need a full revolution for hot bending a 2" X 4" piece of bar stock on some of the smaller machines. This is a four lead screw and the fly wheel on top sits on an octagonal screw for positioning the handle to the most comfortable and productive position.