Stump Anvils Cast From Solid Steel

The price on a set of these stump tools is $55.50.

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If you look closely at the image above you can read in the lower right hand corner the following words:
"From the Orient once Came the Finest Blades--a Sword Maker of Damascus, Syria."

You can also see the stump anvil that the swordsmith is using. These used to be commonly found around the world, because of their convenience. They could be quickly taken from field to shop. Many times they were used to sharpen a scythe blade in the field. They can also be used when doing intricate work in your shop.

Civil War, Mountain Men and Renaissance Re-Enactors can use these to re-live the days of old. Each set includes an anvil and a fuller. The fuller can be ground into a cut off tool by grinding a more acute angle or just use as a fuller, as is. When installing these tools, use a piece of wood in between the stump anvil and you hammer to bang them into a stump. This prevents undue stress on this heat treated piece of steel. Just grab a board and lay it on top of the stump anvil and drive it into your stump with a hammer.

Some of the square stump anvils now have a black paint covering their steel faces to prevent rusting until you receive them in your shop. The face of the square anvil is about 1.5" by 1.5". The thinner stump anvil is approximately 1 3/8" wide.